Secrets of Duchess’ Boudoir 2010

In 2010 our team took part in the contest of projects of Netherlands fund “KNHM”. Within the frame of project “Community with Spirit 2010” our team received financial support and presented a play with 16 participants.The theme of the play was secrets of Duchess’ Boudoir.

It was performed in typical for 18th c. naive and humorous manner with scenes and jocular stories about beauty procedures, hot chocolate and more dynamic activities such as hiding the Duchess’ secret guest under wide robes of court ladies and duel, when the Duke found the young man.

2 buduar_114 DSC07837

The lovely Duchess warmly receives her dearest friend in the Boudoir, ladies discuss latest news!3 buduar_17

They enjoy ‘Chocolat Chaud’..

5 buduar_15  buduar_10

Some music to please their ears and dances to entertain..

7 buduar_7159

And the the secret guest arrives…       meanwhile the Duke arrived earlier than expected

9 DSC07869Obviously Duke found the young man, hiding behind ladies’ skirts, he was challenged to a duel!

..and was there a happy end.. ??

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