“One Day in Lady’s Boudoir” 2008

In 2008 with more courage and experience to perform on the stage we put our heads together to create a script to an amateur play. Our aim was to make the audience smile about beauty procedures and other episodes of  life in a Boudoir. None of participants was a professional actor, but passionate and enthusiastic. It was supposed to be a theatrical illustration on 18th century life with a hint of naive humour framed in elaborate period costumes.

The Master of Courts’ Ceremonies is giving introduction.


Court ladies are almost awake and almost ready to meet the Duchess in her Boudoir.


And her she comes and gets all of the attention!


The hair styler, who learned the Hair Raising Art at Leonards’ has arrived to help the Duchess.

_MG_4674 _MG_4682

Powder is all around the Boudoir, everyone’s sneezing.


And then arrives the Doctor! He has doubts about the ‘pouf’ hairstyle of hers.

_MG_4691 _MG_4689

Sounds of serenade would please the Duchess and her courtiers!

_MG_4694 _MG_4701

Little Gourmet pleasures.. pâté was prepared in the right moment!

_MG_4697 _MG_4695

And then the Duke comes home.


The secret guest arrived as well..



Ladies are trying to hide the arrival of the Guest..



Obviously the day ended with a duel..


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