Scenes of the past

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If you are expecting a lot of guests or you are planning to have a party, gala dinner, or some other social gathering in 2 damiRundale Palace, courtiers will have the pleasure to greet your guests and share the elegance and beauty of rococo style period.ES pensionētie ierēdņi Rundālē

While your guests will be travelling from room to room with guides, courtiers will perform genre scenes in luxury salons to recreate the ambiance of this wonderful palace.

In full authentic costumes  and with the aim to recapture the spirit of 18th century court life hosts will introduce story of the palace.parkaatulpes_14

One cannot imagine an 18th century palace without its garden ‘a la française’ which celebrates the victory of art over the nature. We always enjoy spending time in various bosquets and other romantic corners of the Palace Garden. Let us share our joy with you while performing  genre scenes of leisurely outings of aristocratic couples.25 zelta vasara 100

We are happy to tailor our performance to meet with your individual preferences and venue of the event.

Please find your way to contact us:
phone +371 29108396 (Lat. Rus.)
              +371 26534002 (Eng. Fr.)

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