Our services

Our group of re-enactors under the name of company ELEANA provides a variety of historical programs with the touch of elegant humor and refined entertainment that will delight diverse audiences.

  • Theatrical program called “Charm of Gallant Century” that introduce the guests of Rundale Palace to its history and reproduce atmosphere of coquettish and sophisticated 18th century. You can read more on the page “Charm of Gallant Century”

  • Elegant and entertaining program for Young Couple and their guests in Rundale Palace. You can read more on page “For Young Couple”

  • ‘Scenes of the past’ that portray elegance and beauty of 18th century life for guests of parties, gala dinners or other social gatherings in Rundale Palace and Garden.

  • Chamber concerts where historically dressed professional musicians perform pieces that were very much in vogue during 18th century.

  • Photo sessions for guests with 18th century style costumes and accessories to experience the ‘comfort’ and splendour of fanciful 18th century. Photo sessions can take place in Rundale Palace or Garden or it can travel to your chosen location.

  • Theatrical program called “Neoclassical country idyll” in calm and elegant Mežotne Palace.

  • Guided tours in Rundale Palace Museum (Latvian, English, Russian, French)

  • Guided tours in Mežotne Palace (Latvian, Russian, English)

  • Special programs in Southern region of Latvia for individual travellers or small groups with transfer.

  • Theatrical performances including photo sessions during events in different locations of Latvia or abroad to fulfil events with historical charm.

  • Exquisite hand made accessories, gift and souvenirs with spirit of gallant century.Please visit the page “Gifts and Souvenirs”

Please find your way to contact us
e-mail: jelena@ceremonija.lv
phone +371 29108396 (Lat. Rus.)
              +371 26534002 (Eng. Fr.)

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