About Us



Representing a team of passionate re-enactors and history enthusiasts we are in love with astonishing beauty and refined charm of rococo style.vparke1

What WE DO?

To share our knowledge, talents and obsession (in a good way) for fanciful, dream-like 18th century we provide living history performances.

Wearing elaborate historically precise costumes we portray representatives of noble society and deliver refined entertainment for diverse audiences. We assure that once become our guest you will gain extraordinary ,sensory cultural experience and will be able to relive the past and brightly memorize the spirit of 18th 2 2 par pili2century.

With great respect to history we provide highly interactive, entertaining, family-friendly and educational representation of episodes of the past.

 We are trying to deliver the spirit of 18th century and reconstruct the historical atmosphere precisely, considering the high demands and wishes of our clients. Our services have gained popularity among visitors from all over the world and it the sign of quality.

 To see the full description of provided services please kindly visit tour SERVICES page!

10 park

Where ARE WE?

Our ‘main residence’ is fascinating RUNDĀLE PALACE, former summer residence of Duke of Courland. Its exquisite, elaborate and authentic rococo style interiors set the high demands of our historical costumes.

mezotne_2012_mai 047But we also love to visit wonderful MEŽOTNE PALACE, where we are happy to share the story of Princess Charlotte von Lieven during elegant program called “Neoclassical Country Idyll”.

But if you have chosen another place for your special event we can relocate as well.

What ELSE WE DO?modests

We are studying the fashion history and original garments to present you accurate historical costumes. What is more important we create costumes, accessories and hairstyles all on our own and truly love doing it.

We also prepare the scripts, study history to provide not only amusing but also informative and educational content for our historically educated guests.

We are happy to tailor our performance to meet with your individual preferences and venue of the event.

Thinking about how you can take a piece of gallant century with you, we create exquisite accessories, gifts and souvenirs with the spirit of rococo style (handmade of course).

Please find your way to contact us:
e-mail: jelena@ceremonija.lv
phone +371 29108396 (Lat. Rus.)
              +371 26534002 (Eng. Fr.)

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